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Dr. Tom Minas

Dr. Minas is a member of the Knee Society, and in 2013 his team was honored with the Insall Award for his work on Long Term Outcomes assessment of ACI in the knee. He is involved in the development of tissue preserving implants and instrumentation for knees targeted at joint resurfacing.  His work in patient-specific knee replacement has led to the introduction of a family of tissue preserving, customized implants based on patient-specific imaging data to restore native articulating geometry.

Dr Minas is an Attending Orthopedic Surgeon at the Paley Orthopedic & Spine Institute at St. Mary's Medical Center in West Palm Beach FL, a Professor Emeritus of Orthopedic Surgery at Harvard Medical School, and Director of the Cartilage Repair Center.  He received his medical degree from the University of Toronto and his Masters in Epidemiology from the Harvard School of Public Health. He completed his fellowship in Trauma and Joint Reconstruction at the Sunnybrook Medical Centre in Toronto, Canada and a Total Joint Arthroplasty fellowship at Brigham and Women’s Hospital.


Gwen Watkins

Gwen Watkins has been Administrative Assistant to Dr. Minas since 2012. She started her career with Dr. Minas in Chestnut Hill, MA, and recently relocated to Florida with his practice. Gwen is responsible for scheduling clinic appointments and surgeries. Patients have said, Gwen is caring and compassionate and it is her kind nature and attention to detail that makes the surgical experience less stressful. She looks forward to assisting you with any questions or scheduling needs.