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March 7, 2008

Dear Dr Minas;

     I am sending you this composite to show you and your team the results of your good work.

     On February 2, four months shy of my two-year anniversary.  I competed in my first Ballroom dance competition.  The event was the Seacoast Pro/Am Classic held in Dover, New Hampshire.  I competed in thirteen dances across three levels of skill in two categories of dance.

     Because I did so well my instructor has authorized my training for the more competitive International Standard and I will be competing again in the Yankee Classic coming up on June 18-19th.  As you may recall I received my Carticel implant on June 19, 2006, so this event will coincide nicely with my 2 year anniversary!

     Needless to say I could not have realized this dream if you and your outstanding team had not taken such good care of me.  The combination of your extensive experience in cartilage repair, Tim's excellent patient rapport, the surgical team's pride in their work, and the efficient attention given to my case by your office personnel gave me the advantage I needed to take on this personal challenge.  I have no doubt that there are several more who contributed and will have to trust that you will acknowledge them for me.

     I can't describe how happy I am to be able to train and compete in dance so I will have to satisfy myself with this meager note of gratitude.  Many thanks for putting together and leading such an excellent team.