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Meniscus cartilage is the other type of cartilage in the knee and is made of a substance called fibrocartilage. There are two of these C-shaped pads in each knee, one on the medial (inside) part, and one on the lateral (outside) part. They are attached to the tibia and lie between the tibial plateau and the femoral condyle to cushion the forces of walking, jumping and running. They accomplish this by distributing joint forces over a larger area of the joint -- transferring force from the curved femoral condylar margins to the flatter tibial plateaus. If the meniscal cartilage is injured, it might have to be removed or repaired arthroscopically. If the entire meniscus is lost due to injury and/or surgery, the articular cartilage of the joint is exposed to much higher stresses and starts to break down, resulting in arthritis.

Normal meniscus on MRI (left) and during arthroscopy (right)
Torn meniscus on MRI (left) and during arthroscopy (right)